orvieto and surroundings


In this section are major events in the city and the surrounding area: book a stay now and enjoy the most important events in Orvieto! Orvieto is a city that will surprise you in any season!

The calendar of events is really rich, going from theater to music to food and wine festivals, passing through important festivals that take place every year.
Pentecost in high spring brings back the charm of the medieval era of the city, the streets are decorated with the emblems of the leading families of the time and the symbols of Christianity and the faith leads to a unique event such as the Corpus Domini, witness of the Eucharist miracle; on this occasion a unique parade of its kind invades the streets of the city, so that it seems to mysteriously go back in time.

In summer then continue festivals, parties, concerts of classical music with competitions between high-level schools, culminating in August with another kind of music that brings to life the folklore traditions of the ancient dances and folk music, the Orvieto Folk Festival!

In Autumn “OFF”, or Orvieto Food Festival, still talks about the city, a festival of food and wine culture and starring actors and resources; art and cooking in a marriage that deal to give knowledge and taste.

And here we finally arrive at Christmas, the most magical time of year. In these days Orvieto changes, with its warm atmosphere of its many cribs, festively adorned its streets, all ready to live the last and perhaps most important manifestation of its kind: Umbria Jazz Winter, a week in which even the walls seem to sound the rhythm of jazz and blues groups and the most famous artists from all over the world!
Orvieto is waiting for you whenever you want!

Umbria Jazz Winter Orvieto

The great event of the International Jazz in Orvieto.

Celebration of the Pigeon

It is dating back to the 15th century and it is realised under the initiative of the antique and noble family of the Monaldeschi. We celebrate the day of the Pentecost in the Church of San Francesco in front of the Cathedral.

Corpus Domini

Religious procession.

Orvieto with Taste

The celebration dedicated to the excellences of the gastronomy of Italy and the rest of the world.