Orvieto is a beautiful town perched on a cliff of tuff, a short drive from Lake Bolsena and excellent starting point for excursions in Umbria and upper Lazio. Hotel Corso obviously recommend a stay in the town to discover all its wonders, both visible and less well-known: there is the possibility of discovering the tunnels dug under the city streets in a magnificent and impressive network of tufa tunnels that run throughout the rock.

Attractions: the Duomo of Orvieto, a splendid example of Italian Gothic architecture; the churches of St. Andrew and St. Dominic, the magnificent St. Patrick’s Well, with its unique helical structure, and the San Brizio Chapel, painted by a series of painting on Judgement by Luca Signorelli, the Necropolis of the Crucifix of Cannicella and of Tufo, and the various buildings in medieval, Renaissance and modern that make the city a true masterpiece.

Orvieto is a city that tells its story every day of the year, with nearly three thousand years of history behind it, every building, every street, every monument, every tower can only talk about it and the best part is that this past so rich still seems to flow in the air. Defined since the ancient times the city high and strange that touches the sky, Orvieto can fascinate every visitor, enchanted by its history, its art and its many traditions.

Main Attractions

Orvieto has always touched the hearts of those who visit it. Its views, landscapes and its unique monuments remain etched in the mind. A tourist destination that has always been appreciated in particular for its three wonders: the tufa Rock, the Cathedral and the Saint Patrick well. A city to discover in all its aspects, from the best known to the most hidden, a welcoming city on a human scale.

The Hidden City

The tufa cliff on which Orvieto is perched hides an ancient heart, its underground dimension made up of numerous tunnels, cellars, wells and caves dug over time since the Etruscan era.

A way of recreating spaces in the perimeter of an area bounded by the high natural ramparts of the cliff and, which over time has transformed some of these excavation works into real attractions to discover: The Pozzo della CavaOrvieto Underground, the Labyrinth of Adriano and the Underground of the Sant’Andrea church.

Arts & Crafts in Orvieto

Orvieto has a long and rich artisan tradition. In the city center there are several small shops where you can still find typical crafts and products. The most important products of the city artisan tradition are: ceramic, woodworking and lace.

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